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This assignment has to fulfil the following conditions:

- Length: between 6 and 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-). - Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman.
- Size: 11.
- Line height: 1.5.
- Alignment: Justified.

The assignment has to be done in this Word document and has to fulfil the rules of presentation and edition, as for quotes and bibliographical references which are detailed in the Study Guide.

Also, it has to be submitted following the procedure specified in the Study Guide. Sending it to the tutor’s e-mail is not permitted.

In addition to this, it is very important to read the assessment criteria, which can be found in the Study Guide.

The assignment mark is 100% of the final mark, but the participation in the activities performed during the tutorials can improve this mark.


Explain how would you integrate technology in an English as a Second Language lesson plan. Please, elaborate a minimum of three activities using technology. Do not forget to include how would you evaluate these activities. To do this, first describe the context in which this lesson plan can be developed (either real or hypothetical): • Location

• Student group: nationality, age, number, English level, etc. • Timing
• Further considerations

Think about one of the theoretical aspects dealt with in the subject: Web 2.0, Connectivism, electronic portfolios, Personal Learning Environment or assessment in digital environments, always regarding teaching and learning Second Languages. Explain a possible practical application of that theoretical aspect. • Include bibliographic references.

• You can also include a personal opinion about this theoretical aspect or approach.

Important: you have to write your personal details and the subject name on the cover (see the next page). The assignment that does not fulfil these conditions will not be corrected. You have to include the assignment index below the cover.

Name and surname(s): Paula A. Martínez Lozano Login: COFPMTFL814546 
Group: 31
Date: 30th September 2012


Technology integration5
Lesson plan6
Target vocabulary:6
Recycled vocabulary:7
Expansion vocabulary:7
Target Language:7
Activity 18
Activity 28
Activity 310
Activity 411
Activity 511


I am an English teacher for children in a private school in Cali, Colombia. Diana Oese Bilingual School has a strong formation in values, excellent academic standards and bilingual teaching strategies that allow students to enjoy the process of teaching and learning. This mixed school was founded in 1983. There are three levels of education: Primary (Preschool 2-6 years and Elementary 7-11 years) and Secondary (High School 12 to 17 age group). Diana Oese Bilingual School has been the best school in the city for seven consecutive years and the second one in Colombia on national tests ICFES (Saber 11).

The current year the school opens a new English lab in order to continue improving the curriculum.

I am teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Fifth Grade. There are 4 classes in Fifth Grade with 20 Colombian students per class. They have bilingual subjects: Science, Social Studies, Math, Art and, Technology. However, the school wants to include technology in their English classes too. The students study 5 fifty minute class periods per week of English. I have chosen...
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