California: the Golden State

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California: The Golden State
Origin of the name
The name ‘California’ comes from the Latin phrase calida fornax (hot oven) with which the Spanish colonists characterized the hot climate of this region. Climate
California's climate varies from Mediterranean to subarctic. Much of the state has a Mediterranean climate, with cool, rainy winters and dry summers. The cool California Current offshore often creates summer fog near the coast. Farther inland, one encounters colder winters and hotter summers. Natural California:

Coastline: California has 885 kilometers of coastline. In Southern California there are a lot of nice beaches and the ocean water isn’t too cold. In Northern California, the coast is rockier, there are many cliffs and fewer beaches. Desert:

In Southern California there is a very hot, dry desert called the Mojave Desert. It is the smallest and driest desert in North America. Death Valley is part of the Mojave Desert. It is the hottest place in North America. Forests:

In Northern California there are redwood forests. Redwoods are giant trees that have survived since the time of the dinosaurs. They usually live for between 500 and 700 years, but some trees live to be 2000 years old. Islands:

Off the Southern coast of California, the Channel Islands are home to many unique sea animals. There are eight islands in the archipelago. Five of them make up Channel Islands National Park. Valleys:

In the middle of California, there is a very big valley called the Central Valley. The valley is 640 km from north to south. California’s Central Valley is mostly farmland. The weather is similar to Andalusia. And many of the agricultural products of California are the same as Andalusia. There are olives, almonds and oranges. Mountains:

Did you know that in California there are mountains called Sierra Nevada just like in Granada? They are on the eastern side of the state. The highest peak in the Sierra Nevada is Mt. Whitney. It is 4.421...
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