California History Deforestation

Topics: Logging, Sawmill, Lumber Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: February 21, 2013

Deforestation is a significant issue in to be examined in California’s history because we are destroying what is left of the natural beauty of this great state by cutting down trees in our forests. Before us the current residents or California took over a vast majority of California was once blanketed by towering trees and they seemed to be endless from what most people saw. But as most of us Californians see it now we have cut down a majority of trees and instead of the natural trees we once had covering California we have replaced them with concrete trees, and these trees are all the skyscrapers, business, stores, and homes. This is a growing problem since the population in California seems to keep getting bigger as time progresses and what do we do when we run out of space. We go out to the forests and cut down more trees to accommodate the population growth and with those trees we build more homes and businesses. And to protect what is left of our diminishing forests, environmentalists have been protesting and petitioning and even in some extreme cases chained themselves to trees and blocked roads from loggers who go and try to cut more trees down just to protect what is left of our forests. When people like the environmentalists step in and do this they gain the public’s eye and gain nation attention and others states do the same thing to protect our nation’s natural beauty. And when all this attention goes around the government is forced to change its policies and regulations to fit the needs of its citizens. Logging companies can’t go around cutting down trees when they feel like it anymore they have many regulations they have to meet now. But even with all of these regulations there will always be flaws. Even though the loggers are logging way less than they used to they are still doing it more than they need to.

Why are we not more like the Native Americans they believed in a circle of life you only take what you need you never over harvest...
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