California Dream

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Tyler Sacks Sacks1
English 110
A Dream or a Nightmare?
It seems to be the best place in the world to some people. The drive for success and opportunity to strike it rich seems to be the main reason. In California, if you put your time and one hundred percent effort into what you want to be you could be successful in any field of study. The amount of individuals who have the same dreams and aspirations of wanting to come to California and make the “California Dream” possible decreases the opportunities available. Everyday individuals in our society strive to become successful and obtain a relaxing, fun life. Living in California and becoming successful could come easily with no hard work. But, the majority have to start out achieving an education and having self motivation to start their own successful career. But depending on your geographical location, each person has their own opinion or insight on what California is and what the California dream is really made up of. You could live in the bright, glistening, beautiful California your whole life and never have a culture shock to what other life is. If every day you're living on this beautiful oasis of California, you'll never get to realize how amazing it truly is, or even how amazing it truly isn't. The different perceptions of what people assume California really is, is what makes it so special. With the enormous amount of curiosity of what the California dream could become, comes the variety of different religions, cuisine variety, cultural diversity, and different dreams and aspirations people depict California as.

Born and raised in the wealthy, secluded area, Anaheim Hills, my California perspective of the California dream is completely different than individuals living on the East coast or in another country. All my life I have lived in Southern California and have never been anywhere else for more then a

month at a time. For myself I always had a perception that California was a little more prestigious then other places but it never dawned on me as much until I got older. I believe I took for granite the heat infused sand, sexy tan lines, and quick, fancy cars of California. To me I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to live so close to the dark, blue ocean with the sun rays reflecting off of it. Getting“pitted” at the beach is like Christmas morning all over again for foreigners. To realize how many people would kill to live in such a paradise, oasis of mayhem shocked me. Growing up in Anaheim Hills the first response I received from people was “Do you go to Disneyland like every-day?”. This was something that always amused me and also something that I never realized till I grew in age. To me, as a young kid, Disneyland seemed kinda far, that meant you had to take the freeway! I was so oblivious and senseless to society around me and the factors of California that put us higher on the list of “cool” then other places. People were willing to fly in a old, fuel-sucking Boeing 700 risking their lives in the sky just for a culture shock like Disneyland, the beaches, or even Hollywood. But even when I was so young and naive I still had an idea of my own personal California dream that I wanted to fulfill I was aware of the amazing opportunities for education in California and that if you worked hard in school and obtained a degree you could make something of yourself depending on what your heart desires you to go. But even with this knowledge, I didn't think much of it and assumed other states had the same education. My excitement of the bright, green, palm trees and beautiful snow capped mountains were definitely not as high compared to foreigners. Waking up all groggy from a night of partying with friends to go surfing over summer was nothing special to me, as I wish it was. Sometimes I wish I could re-obtain the excitement, hype, and craziness the culture shock of California beholds. Big events...
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