Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen Association: Help for Chinese Elders

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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YPI Essay
The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen Association or CCECA deserves the five thousand dollar grant because they help something that really needs help; Chinese Elders. The CCECA was founded in 1985 as non-profitable charity with only fifty members. Providing a great variety of services and programs, from social activities and community support to health services. It currently has over five thousand, one hundred members. The CCECA's vision is to empower and advocate Chinese seniors to lead and live a happy and independent life.

Chinese Elders have a lot of trouble doing small, typical things that we do in our daily life with little to no effort at all. The CCECA helps them with this. The CCECA's missions are to encourage Chinese seniors to make lifestyle changes and integrate them into mainstream society and to provide a friendly, encouraging environment and promote positive physical and mental health. Their goals are to build a strong and supporting Chinese community in strengthening community capacity, reducing social exclusion and making civic engagements easier and more comfortable. The CCECA also helps people people sixty five and older who struggle with finance, language or communication barriers, socialization, housing and mobility. They help elders with these problems by connecting to many different people to help make changes. They connect different people to make easier access to community resources and support services that are needed to obtain basic needs.

The CCECA deserve five thousand dollars because they help Chinese people with social isolation, health issues, abuse and language or communication barriers and they raise awareness about all of this. Chinese elders are extremely vulnerable to being bullied and abused and isolated due to the fact a lot of them cannot speak English and they are older so they are weaker and slower than others and they struggle to accomplish basic routines in their daily life. Chinese Elders have trouble...
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