Calendar Girls

Topics: Meaning of life, English-language films, Thought Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 11, 2013
This movie is really touching and heart wrestling. It is all about how women deal with their leisure, images, and family. I am really amazed by Chris who is the name of main character. She comes up with the idea of being naked in the calendar to raise fundings on behalf of her beloved deceased friend. However, I believe the body image of a person can impact their leisure choices. Example is when the model young girl poses her body in magazine, Chris’s son really enjoys it and hides it under the bed. However, when seeing his mom posing her body in public, he cannot hide his embarrassment to his friends. He feels really ashamed of what his mom did. The reason is because the women in the mid age or the ones who have family in the early century are not allowed to expose their body in public. For society, the limitations on woman’s leisure are only doing woman’s things just like cooking, planting, or cleaning. Even though they can play tennis or golf like a man, but it is still limited in some ways. Therefore, when Chris and her group do the naked project which they have never done it before, they are really enjoying it passionately. However, in their mind, they do not believe it is going to be a big success since the society cannot accept it. Their naked image makes the society think of an erotic, immoral woman, not a normal activity. That is why in the end of the movie, they refuse to be nude again, because they do not want society misunderstand the meaning of what they did.
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