Calcuttas Metro

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Some of the major problems that the Calcutta Metro faced before and during construction were lack of funding, poor planning, poor scheduling and no vision. If I were to have to do this project over, one of the first things I would do would be to ensure it has enough money not only to begin the project but enough to complete it. Along with funding, the project scope would be the next big issue for me to tackle. Without knowing how the contractor plans on taking this project on I could be setting myself up for a lot of criticism and scrutiny in the coming months. Along with knowing the scope I also need to know what the contingency plans are when something that has been identified as risk arises. | Calcutta’s Metro|

The first main concern for the construction of the project is the funds. So as the mayor of Calcutta my first step is to get the funds required to start up this project. These funds could be acquired from various sources like donations, taxes, loans etc. Once the funds are acquired, the next step would be to look into the plan of the project. I would take the opinion of a few well-known engineers before an actual plan is taken up. I would make it a point to see to it that the various pros and cons of different plans are taken into consideration before starting the project. Then I would select that project which would give us the maximum benefits within the obtainable budget and least disturbances to the normal life in the city. I would consider the efficient labor to carry on the work of this project. My project scope statement would include all of the following: * Major deliverables and when they are expected

* The tasks that support the deliverables, as well as which side, the hiring company or the service provider, will perform the tasks * The projects governance process, along with how often they will meet * What resources are required for the project, what facilities will be used and whose equipment will be needed, as...
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