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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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The Campbell’s Soup Lab Argument Writing
AP Calculus AB

Follow-Up: Suppose you are the owner of Saucy Soup Company. You need to present an argument to your board of directors as to what shape soup can your company should sell. Some things to keep in mind:

• ECONOMIC REQUIREMENTS: The product must be cost efficient.

• FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: The product must also be easy for retailers to store and stock on the shelves or the floor, and simple to process at a check-out counter. There is limited shelving in the grocery store for your product and standard roll out soup holders can only hold the “standard” shaped can.

• SALES REQUIREMENTS: In addition to functional and economic requirements, product packaging must be designed in a way that will appeal to buyers. The less attractive can, the fewer cans you will sell. Attractiveness of cans is frequently based on the golden ratio (which is where [pic]). New cans can be advertised as being “environmentally friendly.”

Argument Writing Task:
Choose which soup can to present to the board of Saucy Soup Company. Defend your claim using evidence from the lab or given information. Present the counter-claim with evidence, then refute it. Be sure to identify all assumptions. Finally, summarize your position.

This should be typed using 12 point-font and double-spaced. It should take about ¾ of a page to fully present this argument.

This assignment should be coherent and free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Date Due: ___________


Claim:_________/ 2
Evidence: _________/ 4
Counterclaim with evidence:_________/ 4
Conclusion:_________/ 2
Presentation, spelling, grammar:_________/ 3

SCORE:________ / 15
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