Calculus in Real Life(Physics)

Topics: Mass, Classical mechanics, Mathematics Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Calculus is a type of math that is applicable to various parts of our life. We can use calculus to calculate the maximum production of a company, to predict the speed of global warming spreading to the world, and etc. Calculus is not limited to only mathematics in class, but many aspects of the world. We chose physics as our topic of calculus application in real world because we believe that physics phenomenon is very common in our life. Physics is involved in many aspects of our life, such as driving, running, basketball, tennis, cycling, computers; many parts of our life involved physics. Companies such as automobile companies utilize physics to make their cars or motorcycles more aerodynamic, thus increase their speed. Cars are something that is closely related to physics since without it, it would be difficult to build a car that is fast in the real life. Our topic is about calculus application in Physics, specifically, the use of physics in calculating momentum and kinetic energy. We are interested in how physics can be calculated with Calculus which will allow us to calculate a number that is much closer to reality then simple answer from algebra. We first thought about this topic because we know that kinetic energy is probably related to momentum. The formula of kinetic energy is [pic] And the formula of Momentum is [pic]. When we look at the two formula, both of them involves mass and velocity. By integrating the momentum formula, the answer is simply [pic]+ C. Thus, we thought we could talk about the relationship between kinetic energy and momentum since the two formula seems very closely related. We wanted to look more into the relationship between momentum and kinetic energy, thus we chose this topic. After researching about these physics topic with calculus applied, we learned a lot more about physics application in calculus, and how physics can be closely related to our life. We knew already that work = change in KE (kinetic energy), and...
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