Calculus Formation: Relationship with Plaque

Topics: Dental plaque, Mouth, Metabolism Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: February 1, 2011
C. Calculus Formation
Relationship with Plaque:
* Calculus is formed by the deposition of calcium and phosphate salts in bacterial plaque. These salts are present in salivary and crevicular fluids. * Plaque mineralization begins within 24-72 hours and takes an average of 12 days to mature. * Calculus contributes to the disease by providing foci for plaque accumulation. It is not the causative or etiologic factor, plaque is. * Calculus is porous and can act as a reservoir or nidus of bacteria and endotoxin related to the disease process. * Calculus formation has been observed in germ-free laboratory animals but is far more abundant in similar germ-infected laboratory animals. The role of the bacteria in relation to calculus formation is not completely understood. Plaque is a soft, sticky accumulation that occurs on dental and various other intra-oral surfaces. It is the host to a complex micro-system of micro-organisms whose pathogenicity and virulence cause inflammatory diseases of the gingival & periodontal tissues. Plaque can be removed from tooth surfaces by direct brushing. It is possible to have a mouth with plaque but no calculus Calculus is formed by the deposition of mineral salts in plaque. It is hard and firmly adherent to the tooth surfaces on which it forms and it cannot be removed by brushing. Calculus acts as a focal point for plaque accumulation, a nidus of bacteria and hinders complete removal of plaque. It is almost impossible to have a mouth with calculus but no plaque. We remove plaque and calculus by instrumentation and home care to allow natural immunity to resolve the inflammation and restore health. Plaque Retention Factors

These are conditions that favor plaque accumulation and hinder plaque removal by the patient and the dental professional. Examples of these are: * Orthodontic Appliances
* Partial Dentures
* Malocclusions
* Faulty Restorations
* Calculus
* Deep Pockets
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