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PAGE Introduction A word about starting out 1. Addition and subtraction 2. Multiplication and division 3. Brackets 4. Powers 5. Fractions 6. Using the x–1 key 7. Scientific notation 8. Factorial x! 9. Using memory 10. Statistics 11. Linear regression 12. Trigonometric functions 1 2 4 8 10 11 17 19 20 22 23 25 31 34

13. Exponential and logarithmic functions 14. Degrees, minutes, seconds Review calculator exercises Calculator solutions Your notes

36 38 41 42 44

Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS


This is one in a series of booklets prepared to assist students who are learning to use a calculator. They have been prepared by staff in The Learning Centre from the Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU) at USQ. The series comprises: Mastering the calculator • • • • • • • •

Using the Casio fx-100s (also suitable for Casio fx-570) Using the Casio fx-100AU Using the Casio fx-82LB Using the Casio fx-82TL Using the Casio fx-82MS Using the Sharp EL-531LH Using the Sharp EL-556L Using the Sharp EL-531RH

The instructions in this booklet only explain some of the keys available on your calculator necessary for basic work in data manipulation. If you require more assistance please contact The Learning Centre. If you would like information about other support services available from The Learning Centre, please contact The Learning Centre (TLC) Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU), S-Block The University of Southern Queensland Telephone: 07 4631 2751 Email: Fax: 07 4631 1801 Home page: Note the booklets are also available online at the above address (follow the prompts).


Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS

A word about starting out
• Make sure you are in the correct mode selection and that all previous data is cleared. • Example: To perform arithmetic operations press • To clear all values press • To clear memory press

The screen displays





to clear memory three times

• If your calculator has FIX or SCI on the display press

appears on the screen press 3, then 2 so you are in Normal mode.

• If your calculator has RAD or GRAD on the display press

two times

appears on the screen press 1 so you are in Degree mode.

Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS


• There is also a mode which gives you a preference for displaying the decimal point as a dot or comma as 34.26 or 34, 26. Press four times until DISP 1 is displayed.


then forward


Press Press

for dot end (separates thousands with comma) for comma (separates thousands with dot).


Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS


Addition and subtraction

1.1 To add numbers

DEL key addition key

Find the


(it is shown on the photograph of the calculator here). Example To add 7 and 3, type

The display should read 10 Example I want to find the total amount I earned in the past four weeks. If I earned $471, $575, $471 and $528, the key strokes would be

The display should read 2045.

Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS


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