Calbaog City Samar Doctor's Clinic Research Paper

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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|ACTIVITIES |2010 |2011 | | |November |December |January |February | | |1st |2nd | | |week |week | |Programming Language |Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 |It is used to enable developers to interact with an application which | | | |make it easier to comprehend things in a quicker and easier way because | | | |it makes use of Graphical User Interface. The forms here are created | | | |using drag-and-drops techniques that help the developers to easily | | | |develop the design. | |Database Management System |Microsoft Access 2003 |It is used as back-end database of the developed system by the | | | |developers. It is used to ensure the easy retrieval of the entered | | | |information by the secretary. | |Socket |Winsock |It is used by the developers to successfully create the server and client| | | |side of the system. It is comes with Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) and is used | | | |for the developers to create applications that access the low-level | | | |functions of the Control Protocol. |

Microsoft visual basic and Microsoft access are used together by the developers in developing the system. Microsoft visual basic was used for the interface of the system and the Microsoft access was used for back-end.

Table 2 shows the Hardware resources needed for the system functionality. It was the output devices used for the good operation of the developed system. Table 2
Hardware Resources of the Patients’ Information System for Calbayog Doctor’s Clinic |Hardware Resources |Specifications |Description | |Monitor |CRT monitors |It is used to visualize the interface of the system and allows | | |17” CRT = 15” TFT |the secretary and doctors to see the information of the patients | | |1280 x 1024 resolution |and other application of the system on graphical display. | |Keyboard and Mouse |Standard PS/2 connector |The displayed input devices that let the secretary and the doctor| | | |manipulate the displayed information. | |System units |2 System board –Intel brand Memory |This it is used for the storage of the pieces of data that the | | |– 512 MB (minimum)...