Cake Pops

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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“Cake pops”
What is a cake pop? A cake pop is just like a cake, but it is smaller and on a stick! Cakes pops are small desserts that can be eaten on the go, which can be convenient for everyone. I am going to teach you step by step on how to make them.

The very first thing to do is to go to the store and buy all the right ingredients. You need to pick out your favorite kind of cake and the right icing to go with it. The next thing to buy is the almond chips to put over the cake pop. You can buy any kind that you wish. Then buy some sticks. (A type of stick that is normally used for a sucker.) If you do not want to use a stick you can buy the cupcake wrappers and just make them into little balls instead.

The second step is to start baking. Read all the directions on the back of the cake box and mix all the ingredients together. Pre-heat the oven. Once it is heated let the cake back for 30 minutes or until it is a golden brownish color. After the cake is done baking, let it cool. Shred up the cake into a large bowl. Mix in half the case of icing with one whole cake.

The last step of making cake pops is the most fun! After the cake is mixed with the icing, roll them into little balls. Put the balls into the freezer for about 20 minutes. Melt the almond chips in the microwave. Put the sticks into the cake and then pour chocolate on it. Decorate them however you want to. If you do not want to put the sticks in them, then place just dip the ball into the chocolate and place them into the cupcake wrapper. Let the chocolate harden and enjoy your treat!

Cake pops are a good dessert for anyone. They are make to take on the go and are just big enough to give you the right amount of sweetness that is needed for the day. Cake pops are easy to make and are delicious too!
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