Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt is a very good place to visit. It is the capitol of Egypt and the home of many historic sites of Egypt. I have never been there but from all of the research that I have done, Cairo is a good place to go on a vacation because of all of its sights.

Cairo has a very warm climate. If you want somewhere warm, Cairo is the place to go. Its year round average high temperature is 27° Celsius, which is 81° in Fahrenheit. The year round average low is 15° Celsius, which, in Fahrenheit, is 59°. Cairo is way different that Grafton, Wisconsin in many ways, such as transportation and time zones. You see, time zones have certain names and the time zone that Cairo is in is called EET (UTC +2). Cairo, also, is ahead of Grafton by eight hours. For example, when it is Noon in Grafton, it is eight p.m. in Cairo. There are tons of different types of transportation in Cairo that are different than Grafton. They have the airplane, (Cairo has the busiest airport in the world) train, tram, taxi, metro, ferry, and bicycle. The worst way to go with transportation is by car because Cairo suffers from high traffic and pollution.

Cairo has a very different population and size than we do here in Grafton. Cairo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It has 6,758,581 people, to be exact. Cairo, not only is the capitol of Egypt, but also the largest city in Egypt. It is the 11th largest urban area in the world. Egypt is not only the largest city in Egypt, but also the largest city in Africa. Cairo is 214 square miles in area. Now that is one big city! Location is another important thing, too. Cairo’s coordinates are 30°3’29” N 31°13’44” E. It is 120 kilometers (75 miles) west of the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal and 165 kilometers (100 miles) south of the Mediterranean Sea.

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