Cain and Abel

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Cain and Abel (My Brother’s Keeper)
Cain and Abel is the story of the second two people on earth. They are the sons of Adam and Eve. In the story (of their life) Cain is the older brother, he is a crop farmer. Abel the younger of two is a sheep herder. Cain was the first person born on the planet as well as the first murderer. Abel is the first brother, but is the first person to ever die as well. Both sons gave offerings to the lord. Cain gave him crops and a cultivated land. Abel gave the lord the firstborn of his flock. The lord took very kindly to Abel’s offering. This infuriated Cain as his offering was not good enough for the lord. Cain would later take Abel out to his field where he would murder him. While never stated in the story, the assumed motive for murder is jealousy as Cain thought he was not good enough for the Lord. In this story the conflict started at birth. Like even today brothers fight over attention and who gets more approval from their elders (the lord). These brothers were just like typical brothers today. The conflict would be man vs. man and the struggle for attention from the ones you love the most (your parents). I personally found this story to be great. Mostly because me myself am an older brother, and often times I find myself relating much to Cain. Sometimes I actually want to “kill” my brother. Whether or this be for approval of our parents, it is usually for the same reason of jealousy. Such as if he gets something that I want or I get something that he wants. This causes many argument between the two of us, although we would never go to the level of killing because deep down we actually care about each other. That’s why I really enjoyed this story, because it was very relatable to my own life experiences.
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