Cagayan Epic: Biuag and Malana

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  • Published: July 20, 2013
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Cagayan Epic:
Biuag and Malana|

Biuag was from Enrile, the southern most part of Cagayan. When he was born, his mother was visited by an exceptionally beautiful woman who silently admired the baby. When it dawned on the child's mother that her visitor was a goddess, she knelt and implored her child with long life. The goddess made no reply. Instead, she placed three small stones around the neck of the baby where one stone protected him from any bodily harm. When he was big enough to swim across the wide river, the crocodiles created a path for him. The other two stones gave him supernatural powers and prowess. He could go faster than the wind. He could throw easily a carabao across the hills when he was only at the age of twelve. He could uproot a big beetle nut as if it were a wood. On account of this display of extraordinary strength, people from far and wide places came to see him. Despite all these powers, Biuag seemed troubled and unhappy. In the town of Tuao, he fell in love with a young lady with unsurpassed beauty. No one could tell where this lady came from nor could anyone say who this lady was. Biuag wanted to find her. His waking hours were thoughts of her. There was another young man from Malaueg, called Malana who was gifted with powers similar to that of Biuag. When Malana was eighteen, a devastating typhoon destroyed all the crops of Malaueg. The people were in grip of appalling famine. Their only hope of starving off came from a very distant place, Sto. Niño. It was very difficult and dangerous to journey the place, because the river to cross was wide and full of crocodiles. Malana understood the hazards of the journey but finally volunteered to take the journey. He loaded cavans of palay to seven bamboo rafts. The people eagerly waited Malana's return. Prayers were offered for his safety. When they saw him back, everyone was overjoyed. He distributed the rice to the people and went home. Upon reaching his home, he found a bow and arrow on...
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