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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Quantitative research Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Community and Family Studies
IRP Project Plan
Research question:
‘What impact does the internet have on teens in senior years?’ I will briefly give definitions of keywords in my research question- * Impact- negative or positive affect on the individuals
* Internet- the Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks which teens use to socialise and/or research etc. * Teens- individuals in high school
* Senior years- high school grades, years 11-12
I have chosen to do my independent research project on the impact that the internet has on teens in senior years as I have an interest in how much of teen’s lives it does take up, and why the main reasons they use it. I am also curious to see how much time is spent on the internet by teens. I also have access to sources, secondary and primary as I am a senior I can therefore talk to my peers. This topic is also relevant to the community and family studies course- The course topics that have been covered so far are:

* Resource Management
* Individuals and Groups
* Families and Communities
* Research Methodologies
My research question ‘what impact does the internet have on teens in senior years?’ occurs to a number of aspects of the CAFS course. Resource Management (as it is managing your time on the internet), Individuals and Groups (as it is concerning the individual teen and then the seniors in years 11 & 12 as a group), Families (as it can concern there time spent with family at home) and Research Methodologies (need to collect qualitative and quantitative data to complete IRP.) I will be collecting and reviewing sources/data that I collect both secondary and primary sources with, qualitative and quantitative data. My primary sources will come from surveys from a small sample of around 10-20 students in senior years, I will also be finding background information for my secondary sources to compare with my results which I will find on the...
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