Cafs Half Yeary Exam Revision

Topics: Society, Health, Social status Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Half yearly Exam Revision
Extended Responses- 5
Gay and lesbian
Meeting the groups needs
* Quantitative – numbers, yes/no, easy to graph
* Qualitative – opinions, extended answers, subjective
Research methodology
Structured interviews
Basically all the methods you use in conducting research
*Case study
*Interviews- structured/unstructured
Pre-determined Questions
Open ended questions
Disadvantages of interviews
-One sided -Bias -Time consuming -Personal information -Influenced by the interviewer -Hard to graph -Go off subject

Specific questions being asked in order to find an answer
Used to record what is being witnessed.
*Literature Reviews

Privacy, respect for subject, integrity of researcher, integrity of data Sampling
Selecting a group of people to answer questionnaires/surveys Random- No order Stratified- break group up based on characteristics Convenience- Easy to access Systematic- Intervals Cluster- Sample of the population

Is a statement either for or against a topic/issue usually based on observation or a problem, which can be proven right or wrong by research. Privacy
Anonymity, confidentiality, agreement, respect of opinions

Groups in context
What is a unique entity- Is a distinct things that is one of a kind Fragys Hsc Cd
Families in crisis- trauma
Rural families- distance (access to services/resources)
Aged- mobility- changes that occur in this phase of life - assistance required Gay and lesbian –Discrimination, security and safety, self-esteem, sense of identity Youth- Health, education, risk takers

Socioeconomically disadvantaged- lack of support in either: incomes, work, school,...
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