Caffeine Synthesis

Topics: Caffeine, Coffee, Drug Pages: 5 (1722 words) Published: July 28, 2012
Amanda Carlson
Amy Ruppert
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March 11, 2011
Synthesis Paper
Many Americans have included caffeine as a part of their daily diet whether they realize it or not. In fact, “caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world” (Ruxton How is this instead (Caffeine is especially common throughout…) 15). It is found very especially commonly throughout every day foods and consumed mostly though through coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate (Spiller 200). Many Americans participate in the use of caffeine; it is estimated that 90% of adults in the United States drink caffeinated beverages (Yang 245). How does this effect people though? Caffeine is a substance, even considered to be a drug by some, yet there are no regulations on it at all. Should caffeine be regulated? Some things to look at in order to make this decision are health the benefits of caffeine, health concerns of caffeine, effects on children, and the use of it in medications. The majority of research available on this topic was is from either the perspective of indifferent towards caffeine and therefore just informative or focused on the positive effects of caffeine while, at the same time, still informing the reader about the negatives associated with it. There are many positive effects of caffeine. Most of the positive effects that come from caffeine only are experienced when it is consumed on a regular basis, not just random intakes ingestion of it (Ruxton 20). It has been recorded that with caffeine intake, people are able to have a longer stamina when working out (19). Caffeine has also been shown to enhance a person’s physical performance. Both of these things indicate that caffeine can be very beneficial to athletes. The ingestion of caffeine has been shown to increase insulin, which is important for the body to be able to breakdown sugars (Ruxton 20). (Caffeine has been able to restore cognitive activity in people that have not had enough sleep.)In people who have not had enough sleep, caffeine is able to restore some of their cognitive activity. (Also, there is) There is also an increased fatigue tolerance when caffeine is consumed. Caffeine has been shown to improve alertness, reaction time, fatigue, memory, and mood (Carrie 44).

Coffee also may be very beneficial to smokers when they drink it regularly (Weinberg 275). It was found that when smokers drank coffee, it delayed the development of lung disease. This is very helpful to smokers in order for them to keep their health longer and also is a good coincidence since many people who are smokers are also heavy coffee drinkers. Because of this, if caffeine were to be regulated, coffee then should be prescribed to those who are smokers. Caffeine also helps people who are trying to quit smoking by allowing them to have another, less harmful, addiction to help them cope. Caffeine is considered a drug and that is not something to be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to understand the negative effects that this drug has on people. Caffeine can be related to many upsets in the body. It is known to raise blood-pressure, especially when consumed on a daily basis (Carrie 43). Related to this, large amounts of caffeine increase heart rate (Dews 78). There is even a theory suggesting that caffeine can be directly related to some types of cancers (Weinberg 276). In regular caffeine users, cognitive function decreases and in order for it to go back to its natural amount caffeine must be consumed (Ruxton 19). Caffeine also dehydrates the body and, along with that, increases sodium and potassium (Ruxton 20). Because so much water weight can be lost through the consumption of caffeine, many diet pills contain the drug. Dehydration is dangerous even though the effect of losing water weight may be seen as a positive. Caffeine also, because of its effects on kidneys, does not allow calcium or magnesium to be absorbed normally in this organ and...
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