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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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A.Attention Getter: If you drink some kind of caffeine on a daily basis or close to that often, please raise your hand. Those you without your hands raised make up a rare percentage of today’s Americans. An article published in the Chicago Tribune on October 19, 2011 by Julie Deardorff, stated that nearly 90% of Americans drink coffee on a regular basis. B.Relevance Statement: When asked if you drank coffee or another source of caffeine regularly, the majority of the class raised their hand. A study by Hope Graven in the National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse in 2000 showed that four out of five college students consume caffeine daily. C.Credibility Statement: In addition to thoroughly researching this topic, I know personally after late nights one of the first things I need in the morning is a cup of coffee to get me going. D.Thesis: The use of caffeine in America is on the up-rise and most of us are unaware of how it actually affects us. E.Preview: I’m going to discuss how caffeine affects your body, the negative side effects of overconsumption, and how proper use and moderation can be actually be beneficial.

(Transition: Caffeine is the one of the most widely used drugs around the world.)

A.As commonly as caffeine is consumed, most users aren’t aware of its actual effects on the body. 1.You can begin feeling its effects minutes after consumption and will continue to experience it up 8 hours later. 2.Caffeine limits the creation of adenosine which signals the body to feel tired and sleepy. a.At the same time it stimulates your nerve cells and releases adrenaline to give you a lifted and energized feeling. b.This tricks your body into thinking it’s in a state of emergency and you’ll experience short term improvement in mental and physical performance (Mrazik).

(Transition: The initial alertness is usually short lived and there can be substantial side effects when you consume too much caffeine.)

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