Caferoma Case Study

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Caferoma is a well known brand of coffee, promoted as an exclusive product with a strong and slightly bitter taste.

The main problem is Caferoma's market share has declined by almost 30%. Let me Summarise the reasons for this change
• Consumers have become less loyal to the brand
• supermarkets are producing the similar products under their own label are selling at much lover prices • Competing products have lower prices (30 to 40 %)
• Caferoma becoming less fashionable
Brand image: not up to date

as we can see from the chart 2 years ago Caferoma’s sales in Hotels was 30% but last year it was 25% in restaurants 2 years ago Caferoma’s sales was 10% but last year it was 15% In supemarkets 2 years ago their sales was 45% but last year it was 30% In specialist shops 2 years ago Caferoma’s sales was 10% but last year it was 25%

Conducting the market survey we have the following results:
Majority [məˈdʒɔrɪtɪ] people suppose Caferoma is old-fashioned 70% of people think Caferoma has a good quality
60% of people consider that Caferoma is expensive
a little bit more than half of the respondents believe Caferoma is exclusive a less than half of people said Caferoma is value for money and almost a third of respondents think Caferoma is ecxiting.

I can propose the following solution:
Create a new coffee with a new taste and a new name for example „Cafferissima“. To introduce the new coffee it will be good to have a limited edition (maybe coffee with taste of chilli). It is necessary to create a new package with an exclusive design for example in gold. Furthermore we give special introduction prices for both coffees. Most people want to try out new brands just to know how it tastes - this is our advantage. In order to bring the old brand back to life, will be a good idea to give small additional samples on the new coffee package of „Cafferissima“.

Moreover we need a new design of the logo, as the old one is boring. There is no relation between...
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