Cafe Snack House Business Plan

Topics: Strategic management, Economics, Filipino people Pages: 12 (3071 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Café and snack houses are one of the trending businesses of the 21st Century. People dine for a cup of beverage with some subsidiary snacks on the side incorporated with the ambient and music played in the establishment. With its ambience, clients should feel the tranquillity of the establishment and it’s accompanied relaxing music.

A. Name of the Project
“I ♥ Pinoy” is a modernized Filipino snack house that offers extraordinary Filipinoproducts and services. We will seek to create a NeoFilipinoatmosphere, on the other hand, still preserved the Filipino Culture, Tradition and Spirit of Hospitality.

B. Location of the Project
“I ♥ Pinoy” aims to established this snack house inside the MSU-IIT Premises. Where in we cater the students, employees and visitors with our diverse delectable snacks (kakanin) and some beverages.

Product or Service
Our Café business idea, serves a Filipino pride delicacies and beverages. We are campaigning to patronize our own products, so as to contribute the progress on our economy and for health conscious aides. Our products are originally and freshly prepared by our own kitchen. These are the common Pinoy favorite delicious delicacies and we are producing products that are new to some. Our customers can accessibly buy and enjoy consuming our products with our convenient Café accommodations and ambiance inside the campus. Since eating is a necessity for every human beings, especially the daily rush of students, employees and guardians in the said university, we are ensuring that a moment with us would make each one relax and be satisfied. Filipino delicacies are cheap and can easily be purchased in the market, such as the staple ingredients we have, we can ensure diversified menus daily to meet the satisfaction and can be enjoyable to consume. We also create promotions and monthly freebies to make our customers keep coming back in our café.

Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. Due to the high demands and the quickened process of foods today, it is rare to have the nutrition needed for our body. The products which are loved by the people in the fast-food chains and in the market are inadequate to provide such nutrition but rather in just aiding the feeling of being hungry.

As the society are now are seriously suffering from diabetes, cancer and other illnesses which somehow the eating habits of an individual contributed, some are being conscious enough to prevent and give health aides on what they eat and drink. We too, are in the motion in for research among healthy ingredients for food and beverages that we are going to sell to our customers. We are developing the raw Filipino dishes in which our forefathers and foremothers have and had enjoyed long years in life.

Market Environment
The market for “I ♥ Pinoy” covers a large area of diverse and densely populated with students, employees and visitors. Although it will be located at MSU – IIT premises ear the gymnasium, it is an area where student eat out and one that is also frequented during free time of the students.The café caters all the students inside the school premises including the employees but the products that were going to produce will be estimated through a day to day records of sales. Approximately there are almost 12,083 students and masses instructors, professors, and employees. Currently they are buying foods in the cafeterias and canteens and some of them eat outside the school. The “I ♥ Pinoy” products would make the customers patronized the Filipino type of delicacy this would also boost up the confidence as a proud Filipino. Not just about our products but also our good vibrant ambiance that makes the students comfortable. There would be also promotional activities to encourage the newbie’s on our café since every year there are new students in IIT.

The major competitors of “I ♥ Pinoy” are the...
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