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Topics: Marketing, Fair trade, Management Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: June 17, 2011
Marketing Plan of JUST US Café..

Fair trade product had a huge growth opportunity in Canada. There were consumers who were loyal to fair trade products. Just Us ! brand of coffee was the first co-op which undertook the initiative of people and planet before profit. Increasing completion from similar units, large brands and Private Label of retail stores has created the need for a real marketer in the organisation. Revenues were getting down with increasing competition. Juliet had various issues regarding the brand Just Us! But as 2009 marketing plan was already built. She had to now bring the focus on the Strategic Business Units of Just Us!. These were the Café’s 4 in numbers which were owned by the Co-op and rest were outlets in Universities (managed by university units) . First concern she had was about the marketing budget of SBU’s the present budget was $20,000 whereas last year was $ 7000 only Budget for marketing at cafe (2008)= (7000/2303956) * 100 = 0.30 % Considering there is 12% growth for 2009 then Café revenue = $2580430.72 Marketing budget for 2009 = 20000/2580430.72= 0.77 % only. Only if they reach the target which seems difficult as competition is cutting revenue. Juliet wants to increase the marketing budget to 7% of actual sales. With our predictive growth the budget should be around 2,00,000 or precisely 180630.15 Juliet has been told to design a marketing plan for the next meeting According to TKP’s book marketing plan for this case would be for 4 outlets have to considered as SBU. And we have to do following plan 1. Market Overview of Fair trade products

2 .SWOT Analysis of Each SBU i.e SBU G, SBU W ,SBU B, SBU S the data to study is from 2008 revenues 3. Portfolio Summary of all the SBU
4. Market Assumptions
5. Marketing Objective and Goals ( 2009)
6. Marketing Strategy in respect to competitiors
7. Marketing Action Plan- 4 P and the book reference of
Marketing Organization Plan
Sales forecast
Sales Plan...
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