Cafe Fusion

Topics: Coffee, Fair trade, Customer Pages: 9 (3285 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Introduction to the Assignment Pages 2-3

Café Fusion questionnaire and diagrams Page 4

Policies and improvements Pages 4-7

My personal experience in Café Fusion Page 7

Benchmark (what the café will strive to be like) Pages 8-9

Changes and developments Pages 10-11

Conclusion Page 12

Bibliography Page 13
I have been hired as the front of house supervisor in the established venue of Café Fusion. I will be attempting to iron out the inconsistencies that management have mentioned and do my best to improve the café to better its quality, service, atmosphere and healthy alternatives. Management has also informed me that they have decided to open on weekends in an attempt to accommodate the heightened trade over this time. I will also be increasing the café’s opening hours to provide breakfast and late lunch. I will overview and adjust the cafes mission statement and policies to better fit the new style of the café. Training systems will need to be put into place and staff will be required to complete each training unit before functioning in that section. I will be changing the name and the look of Café Fusion in an attempt to bring in new customers and make the establishment more sophisticated and more pleasurable to both work and dine in. The café will be table service, so customers who are dining in will be seated and their order brought to their table. Whilst working in Café Fusion, I presented a questionnaire to customers to gather feedback and criticism of the venue and where improvements could be made. These will be evaluated, graphed and used to help understand what the customer wants, and how to supply them with what they desire. Communication methods will be discussed in detail to allow staff to show consideration and respect to all customers and learn not to offend others from different cultures, sexualities or religious beliefs. The café will be environmentally friendly and many of the ingredients used in the dishes will be organic. I chose to do this because I think that establishments who use organic ingredients, have healthy food and beverage choices, use fair trade coffee and are environmentally friendly tend to have a certain impression about them. Customers get a sense of being guilt free. The coffee currently being served at Café Fusion has been subject to a lot of negative feedback. I will change the coffee used to Allpress coffee beans. This is because Allpress coffee is environmentally friendly and is fair trade coffee, which means that the farmers who grow the beans and the workers, are getting a respectable price for their product and contribution. If I can implement all of these ideas into Café Fusion, I hope to increase sales, better the customer service and consistency of the service, make the food and beverages healthier and provide a larger range so suit customers’ requirements.

During the week that I operated within Café Fusion, I produced a questionnaire and requested that customers filled it out and give it back for assessment. Most of the queries were answered by a simple tick box. The graphed results show how the customers rated our service, hygiene and the atmosphere of the café on a scale of 1-5 (one being poor and five being excellent). The results are as follows:

I gave the option of “unknown” for the question about hygiene for those who ordered takeaway coffee or didn’t pay any attention to whether or not we were clean and tidy whilst making coffee and food for our customers. I gave the option of “unknown” for the question about hygiene for those who ordered takeaway coffee or didn’t pay any attention to whether or not we were clean and tidy whilst making coffee and food for our customers.

These results show that Café Fusion has very average customer service, atmosphere and hygiene protocols. The next section of this report will be...
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