Cafe Coffee Day Case Study

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TOPIC| Page No.|
Synopsis| |
CHAPTER I – Research Methodology| |
1.1 Objectives of the project| |
1.2 Scope and Area of the project.| |
1.3 Limitations of the study| |
2.1 Industry Profile| |
2.2 Coperate Profile – Café Coffee Day| | CHAPTER III | |
3.1 Introduction of the project.| |
* ASPD| |
* Other factors considered.| |
3.2 6 P’s at CCD| |
3.3 Underatanding Consumer Behaviours| |
3.4 CCD – Sector 28 (Chandigarh)| |
3.5 CCD – Sector 11 (Panchkula)| |
4.1 Data interpretation and Analysis| | 4.2 Findings| |
4.3 Suggestions| |
As a requirement for the partial fulfillment for the course of Bachelors in Business Administration from Christ University, Bangalore, I under took a project in the area of ‘Marketing’ under India’s premier market leader in the Café segment, Café Coffee Day, for a period of 45 days during April-May. Guided by Mr. Ashish Sehgal, a highly talented and creative Area Manager at the head office in Chandigarh, this project, “Increasing The ASPD of Loss making Cafés’ ensured I get hands on experience in the area of marketing and market research through the high level of field work and complexity it involved.

Starting on the 14th of April, the internship required me to report at the Regional Head Office in Delhi office for 3 days in order to gain through knowledge of the processes and requirements of the project that I was assigned. After which, I set off to start my on-site work at the loss making units in Chandigarh and Panchkula. Set amidst busy markets of Chandigarh and Panchkula are two Cafés of Café Coffee Day that in spite of the strategic location and promotion activities fail to give the desired outputs that were expected of them. This project thus involves conducting through market survey in order to draw conclusions regarding the reason(s) behind the slacking, conducting research on customer behavior and devising techniques to help increase the ASPD (Average Sales per Day) of these losses making Cafés through repair of the existing potholes or execution of new promotional activities.


Research methodology is the process and methods by which the project was under gone. It consists of primarily two types of methods PRIMARY RESEARCH:
* Entails the use of immediate data collected first hand personally. * Many methods of primary data collection are – collecting the data personally from the source, observation, questionnaire, interviews etc. * Primary data takes a lot of time and the unit cost of such data is relatively high.

* It is a means to reprocess and reuse collected information as an indication for betterments of the service or product. * The basic methods of secondary data collection are using the information in various journals, publications etc. The internet has become a very popular source of secondary data collection. * Secondary data is available effortlessly, rapidly and inexpensive.

Keeping in mind this project, we will consider primary sources as the main method of data collection since this project is done through complete observation and field work. Secondary sources have also been used in many places with internet being the main source.

The objectives of this project can be divided into to 2 basic types

* My primary objective of project is to help increase the ASPD(Average Sales Per Day) of two loss making cafés in the CPU region- Café Coffee Day...
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