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In the quest of thirst, the customers have a lot of choice to select their best drinks to quench their thirst which has been fulfilled by lot of small and big players right from the local juice maker till the big giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola. As two players like Pepsi and Coca Cola who have already made their presence in the minds of the customers from the last 2 decades in the cold drink segments, it is quite difficult for the new companies to enter the market. But the taste of the consumer is changing all the time; we now have the new taste "in the form of coffee drinks. This is the recent area where the competition is now on the move and we have three main players who are already in the expansion stage. The biggies like Barista's, Café Coffee Day and Qwicky's are now operating in major cities of India are having more than 100 outlets in India.

Tea and coffee are served by almost all small caterings, hotel, restaurants, etc but providing the coffee taste with mouth watering flavors in a cool and trendy environment with best of the services are managed only by few companies at a affordable prices. This is the area where the competition is at the highest level and people who like to spend on the higher side like to visit such outlets that serve coffee at affordable prices with best quality hygienic food with a good ambience.

Coffee Culture has now being implemented from the past five years in India after it has gained importance in the Western countries like in USA. The coffee parlors are constantly flooded by the old and the young people, college students, office working crowd, family group, etc. They may be regular or first time customers entering the coffee outlets but have a lot of varieties to taste in coffee that are not seen in hotels or restaurants.

Retailing / Beans means business. Entry of new players and sprouting up of coffee parlours, the urban youth is getting hooked on to coffee like never before. There was a spark in mid 90s. It caught on like wildfire in late 90s. And now, it is a raging fire and is here to' stay Cafe Culture has arrived and in full zest. The face of cafe culture seems to have undergone a radical change. Coffee' houses are no longer those smoke-filled oriental buildings with the older generation discussing politics and the nation's problems over a leisurely cup of 'coffee'.

It is the epoch of coffee pubs. The laid back setting of coffee houses is passed now and has given way to a la mode coffee pubs. Now it is a cool and happening place for the generation next to hang loose and discuss music, movies, art or even "serious" business.

A lot is being done to create and keep the hype around the cafe -culture. With the bigwigs entering the field and also going by the international experience, cafe culture seems to have taken off well and is expected to catch on in India in a big way.

It is basically a coffee shop selling different types of coffee and delicious snacks in the most enchanting of ambiences with good music and friendly people. Visitors can take home the great taste of coffee with premium coffee powders.


Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited, popularly known as ABC was formed With a rich coffee growing tradition since 1875 behind it. ABC began exporting coffee to the connoisseurs across USA, Europe & Japan. In the calendar year 1999. ABC exported more than 27000 tonnes of coffee valued at 60 m US$ to these countries and for the first time in its short career of 6 years attained the position as the largest coffee exporter from India. ABC has a wide and professional network in the major coffee growing areas of the country comprising over 50 agents and 50 collecting depots. ABC’s two curing works at Chikmagalur and Hassan cure over 60,000 tones of coffee per annum.

ABCTCL procures over 30,000 tonnes of coffee from the plantations of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu by means of its vast network...
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