Caesar and Ceopatra

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Caesar and Cleopatra

The play “Caesar and Cleopatra” by Bernard Shaw, entails the concept of irony and the ambition for political power. Cleopatra being a “white cat” is the same as being impotent and innocent. On the other hand, Caesar is omnipotent and has the ability to govern as a true king. Cleopatra not having the imperial instincts of Caesar is desperately in need of power. She wants to learn to rule with a “Roman heart”. Cleopatra wants Caesar to make her the queen of Egypt. To do that she uses cajolery and allures him because she knows he is weak with women. While Caesar at her side, she can share power and benefit from it. After Caesar is gone she can have Egypt all by herself to dominate over. Cleopatra purposefully seduces Caesar for political and economic power to rule over Egypt as the queen. As family members related by the same blood, Cleopatra and Ptolemy have always detested each other making their family unstable. They are in a relationship were they are husband and wife and brother and sister. The cycle of marrying in the same blood has been practiced by the Egyptians for centuries which make Cleopatra and Ptolemy have psychological flaws with this unhealthy relationship. In the play, their mother and father are never mentioned. With no parent taking care of them, no influence and no love make Cleopatra and Ptolemy have no mutual relationship and feelings. While they are both ruling Egypt, they want to take the throne by themselves, making them hate each other more. They would even kill each other if they “get the chance”. Marriage within the same blood, resentment for each other and no parental supervision are all factors that contribute to family dysfunction making them not trust each other and having no solid family structure. In Act II of Shaw’s play, Caesar shows clemency towards the Egyptians which are his enemies. Caesar has lost previous battles has no money and only has “4,000 men”. The...
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