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CAE Writing
Letter of Complaint
Here is a question from a past CAE exam.

You and a friend, Sam, bought some CDs to help you improve your English. You were not happy with the CDs and have decided to write to the publisher, CD World. Read the email from Sam and the advertisement for the CDs below, on which you have made some notes. Then, using the information appropriately, write a letter to CD World explaining why you bought the CDs, why you are dissatisfied and saying what you would like the company to do.

From: Sam
Subject: CDs
How did you get on with the language practice CDs? I wasn’t very impressed. “English conversation in a week” – I don’t think so! The ad was dishonest – I think we should try to get our money back.

CD World
English conversation in a week
set of 6 CDs
no business conversations English conversation for business and pleasure
Everyday language
Listen and repeat not enough time! Only 20 euros
Each CD!!!

Now write your letter to CD World, as outlined above.
First you need to make a plan. The letter should be divided into 3 paragraphs, as follows: - State problem, say why you bought the CDs and that you are dissatisfied - Detailed explanation of problems (no business conversations, not enough time to repeat, the price) - Conclusion, what you want CD World to do

Your letter should be firm, but courteous in style. You should think of ways of expressing your displeasure that are not offensive. Here is an example answer.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my disappointment with the course of English language CDs which I purchased from your company a few days ago. I have a good theoretical knowledge of English grammar and I was hoping that your course would help me to improve my conversational fluency...
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