Cadet Uniform Services: Cleaning Up in the Cleaning Business

Topics: Quality assurance, Quality control, Management Pages: 61 (19049 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Executive Summary

Cadet Uniform Services started its business in the year 1974 in Toronto, Canada. Now, it has 275 employees and most of their workers are Customer Service Representatives (CSR). This company started their business with multiple services being provided to the customers. Services include picking up, cleaning, and delivering customer uniforms, as well as providing unique inventory control and also providing management services. They continued to provide excellent services to their customer for more than a decade, until they got recognition in the year 1993.After studying the case thoroughly, we find out the various flaws of this famous laundry service organization through HR issues and also try to provide solutions through recommendations and execute those solutions to improve the services of Cadet Ltd.

In HR issues, the report discusses about the different HR problems which can be minimized or removed from the organization. The HR issues are:

1. Weakness in Human Resource Department
2. An extensive training and development programs are provided to CSRs of Cadet Uniform Ltd. 3. The HR Department is facing problems to retain motivate of CSRs due to technological restriction. 4. Cadet Ltd. is planning to start a new venture in USA, to do so, country analysis and training of newly appointed US CSRs are mandatory by strategic HR management. 5. Empowerment of CSRs in Cadet Ltd.

To resolve these HR issues, HR recommendation are planned and those plans are executed in Implementation. Also, the report consists of a background, theme, main issue, SWOT analysis.

Table of Contents

ContentsPage No.

1. Background04-14
2. Theme15
3. Main issue15
4. SWOT Analysis16-32
5. Human Resource Issues33-36
6. Recommendation37-44
7. Implementation45-54
8. Appendix55


1990s: Era of Service Revolution

Total quality management, reengineering and core competencies are the ideas which are very crucial in service revolution. Total quality service was not practiced before 1990s. During the period of 1990s which was a period of service revolution, both real and expected, the ideas of total quality management (TQM), reengineering and concentrating on core competencies have all been applied to the issue of service delivery. This service revolution was both real and imagined because of its perfect implication. Total quality management is the holistic approach to long-term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects of an organization as a journey and not as a short-term destination. It aims to radically transform the organization through progressive changes in the attitudes, practices, structures, and systems. TQM transcends the 'product quality' approach, involves everyone in the organization, and encompasses its every function administration, communications, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, training etc.

The service revolution indicated reengineering, total quality management in a ground-breaking way. Core competencies, cluster of extraordinary abilities or related 'excellences' that a firm acquires from its founders, after consistent striving over the years, and which cannot be easily imitated, were also focused. Core competencies are what give a firm one or more competitive advantage, in creating and delivering value to its customers in its chosen field. These issues were concerned to the issue of service delivery. Before 1990s there were no interactions of improving the quality that can expand the image. More companies were started to introduce a rewards system, which was based on total quality service. Managers were intent on guiding their companies. Thus employees were realized total quality service. After that quality service made a huge service revolution. This spirit lead...
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