Cade Packer Amazing Race Essay

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Challenge Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Cade Packer
Amazing Race Essay
Cade and Brooke are AMAZING!
Ready, set, go. The team of Cade Packer and Brooke Martin will dominate and win the Amazing Race, season 21. Advantages, disadvantages, and what I would do with the money. Many qualities play a role in winning the Amazing Race.

Athletics and youth are not the only traits needed to win the race. Aside from being athletic, I am very creative and excellent with my hands. I possess the ability to create structures from scratch. Throughout the race I will be able to build the structures needed to win a challenge. Also, I am manipulative, sneaky and cautious. Before committing to a cause I heavily investigate, making sure to not make an inane mistake. Mistakes are crucial during the race and alter the outcome. I am obdurate and will not give up easily when frustrated. Instead of switching out of Miss Wissmann’s class, I chose to continue. In the midst of my persistence, I am capable of completing challenges correctly and entirely. My strengths will play a major role in the victory of team Brooke and Cade. Although I retain several advantages, I have disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages are not abundant throughout me. I am oblivious to details, resulting in a careless race. When I leave my house I do not remember the television is on. My lack of awareness will cause my team to miss important information. I am very competitive and it causes me to derail form the race and become fixated on beating the other team. Instead of doing my best during a lacrosse game, I strive to beat an opponent. Brooke and I will be focused on the other teams more than the objective. Even though I am persistent, I become frustrated easily and am permeable to make mistakes. A challenging math problem quickly irritates me and gets me in an awful mood. A challenge that is not solved quickly makes me aggravated and unable to perform at the best of my ability. My disadvantages are mental, but can be...
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