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Topics: Chocolate, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 1 (1013 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Assignment 2-Advertising and Marketing
The product that I have chosen to compare adverts on is ‘Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate’. I will be comparing a TV advert and a print advert. I am doing Cadbury’s chocolate because it is my favourite type of chocolate also their adverts are funny and they stick in your head. They started selling chocolate in 1897 and have since then sold over 300 million chocolate bars in the UK alone. My immediate impression of the adverts were that they both include bright colours in which catch your eye; therefore you will be interested to see what is being advertised. Another aspect of both adverts is that they both advertise the ‘nutritional’ aspect of the chocolate bar; this is the 1½ glasses of milk logo that everyone knows as it is on the wrapper. As a child, if you saw it you would think that it is healthy because it has milk in it so you would ask your parents to buy it for you. The differences would be the colours; the print advert is orange and black which isn’t usually associated with Cadbury’s were as the TV advert includes a lot of purple which is the main colour that people associate with Cadbury’s therefore more people might buy more chocolate. The connotation of the colour purple is a warm colour. A difference between the two adverts is that the TV advert is shown on TV all through the day so that people of all will be able to see it. Most families have at least one TV in their house so this way thousands of people could see the advert at once. This is an advantage for the Cadbury’s company as they will get more sales of their product purely because they created an advert that many people can see at any one time. A setback for the printed advert is that it is only seen by people who buy magazines so it isn’t seen as much as the TV advert, which in the long run could reduce the number of sales. Another difference between the adverts would have to be that the print advert is quite an old advert so wouldn’t be as easily...
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