Cadbury Beverages Inc.

Topics: Soft drink, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Ginger ale Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 1, 2011
The Company: Cadbury Beverages Inc. a division of Cadbury Schweppes PLC Company Status: 3rd largest Worldwide and 4th largest in US; achieved positioning through consistent marketing investment in the brand and its diverse products. The Acquisition: In addition, the company acquired other brands worldwide that already had a solid customer following. •1986 acquired Canada Dry and certain rights to Sunkist soft drinks •1989 acquired Crush brand worldwide along with soft drink companies in Spain, Portugal, France, and Belgium The Re-launch: Cadbury decides to re-launch Crush brand, specifically the orange soda flavor because of the past success. The industry of the orange flavor, while on a decline, was rejuvenated by Minute Maid Orange and Mandarin Orange in the mid 1980’s due to widespread distribution, heavy advertising, and creative promotions. The marketing effort of the Crush brand can capitalize on this rejuvenation by successfully finding solutions for the following antecedents (issues).

The Antecedents (Issues):
How and Where should Crush be re-launched
oWhat area of the market should be the entry point and whom to target oKNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (definition of demand)
oFiguring the 4P’s and Performance Analysis

Market Channels
oRejuvenate relationship with concentrate producers, bottlers, and franchise bottlers oSupermarkets are a key success factor to any marketing effort oRetail outlets are also key
oCapital Investment needed for heavy advertising, creative promotions, and nationwide distribution in U.S. •Develop goals for objectives, strategies, budgeting, and advertising oMonth by month status check up

oAnnual projections for success
oEffort exit (know when to pull the plug on the effort)

Solution thus far: After the meeting yesterday the consulting group came up with an outline for a marketing plan. 1.Where and how should Crush be re-launched, there are three options for market entry a.Adults 25+ with heavy...
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