Cadbury Advert - Connotation and Denotation

Topics: Cadbury plc, Bee, Color Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Cadbury’s Caramel Busy Bee Advert
Denotation- A female bunny, wearing a pink bow, sits in an open area under a tree. A bumble bee buzzes down from the tree and flies into a flower. The bunny tells the bee to relax and feeds him chocolate. The bee and bunny both relax when a mole come digging by disturbing them and pops up where the bunny was sitting, she moves and offers him chocolate, then he blushes.

Connotation- The area is outside and isolated from any industrial disturbances. Nature is seen as peaceful and calming. The bunny is wearing a pink bow around her neck to symbolise she is a girl; it also shows her as innocent and sweet with big brown eyes– like chocolate. Her voice has a sexual tone and when she talks to the bee he places his hand on his chest and hearts appear around him, indication he fancies the bunny. The bunny breaks a piece of chocolate showing the gooey caramel inside, the brown and golden yellow, is shown as a good mix, like the yellow bee and the brown bunny. The bunny gives half to the bee and he swallows it whole, rubbing his stomach and licking his fingers, showing he enjoyed the chocolate and visually relaxes. The relaxed bunny and bee are disturbed by a mole digging under them. The mole pops up under the bunny she jumps of his head and offers him chocolate to relax. The mole adjusts his glasses-which are yellow like the caramel- and see what he’s done, he then blushes, showing he too is attracted to the bunny and is embarrassed by her kindness.

Cadbury’s Watercolour Flake Advert
Denotation- A woman in a long dress and a sketch book wades through a field of poppies. She then sits down and starts to paint with watercolours. When she is done she takes out a flake and eats it. It then starts to rain and her painting runs. She looks at it and is not disappointed but rather pleased.

Connotation- Red symbolises romance, love, passion and desire. The field of poppies also represents Soldiers in the war, indicating she is strong...
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