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We would like to take opportunity to acknowledge the innumerable guidance and support extended to us by all the group members of project.

In execution and preparation of our project on the topic of “CADBURY”.

With immense please we are presenting “Cadbury India” project report as part of the curriculum of BBA. We wish to thank all people who gave us unending support. In this project, we have given brief description about the organization, which has been started by the women’s organization.

We express our profound thanks to our head of department Mr Siddharth Shastri and our project Head Miss. Hitesha Singh and all those who have indirectly guided and helped us in preparation of this project.


The Cadbury’s Inc has taken the opportunity to offer us a broader view of chocolate category. The Cadbury India’s no.1 Chocolate is able to share with their market insights based upon unparalleled breath of chocolate experience. Cadbury is a multinational company and the Cadbury dairy milk is a brand of chocolate which is made by Cadbury. Cadbury made different types of chocolates and other products which is sold in several countries around the world. It first sold its products in United States in 1905. Cadbury has grown from strength to strength with new technologies being introduced to make the Cadbury confectionary business, one of the most efficient in the world. The merge in 1969 with Schweppes and the subsequent development of the business have led to Cadbury Schweppes taking the led in both, the confectionary and soft drink market intech UK and becoming a major force in the international market. Cadbury Schweppes today manufactures product in 60 countries and a trade in staggering 120. The Cadbury story is a fascinating story of a family business that grew in one of the biggest, most loved chocolate brand in the world. A story that you will remember as the story of “The taste of life”.

Company Overview
Cadbury is a leading global confectionery company with an outstanding portfolio of chocolate, gum and candy brands. They create brands people love - brands like Cadbury, Trident and Halls. Their heritage starts back in 1824 when John Cadbury opened a shop in Birmingham selling cocoa and chocolate. Since then they have expanded their business throughout the world by a programme of organic and acquisition led growth. On 7 May 2008, the separation of their confectionery and Americas Beverages businesses was completed creating Cadbury plc with a vision to be the world's BIGGEST and BEST confectionery company. A few facts and figures

* They make and sell three kinds of confectionery: chocolate, gum and candy. * They operate in over 60 countries.
* John Cadbury opened for business in 1824 - making us nearly 200 years young. * They work with around 35,000 direct and indirect suppliers. * They employ around 50,000 people.
* Every day millions of people around the world enjoy their brands. Their Business
* With over 45,000 employees working across their business in over 60 countries, Cadbury is a large and complex organization. * From 2003 to 2008 the confectionery business was led through a strong regional model to ensure their top-down strategy was consistently implemented around the world. In 2006, they introduced a strong category-led commercial organization which has progressively been developing its role and impact since. * At the beginning of 2009, they eliminated the regional structure to operate as seven business units and leverage the strengthened category leadership across their markets. In this section, you can find a description of their business units and functions. Business units

Their operations are split into seven business units:
* Britain and Ireland,
* Middle East and Africa (MEA),
* North America,
* South America,
* Europe,
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