Topics: Cadbury plc, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: May 20, 2013
External: threats of new entrants; bargaining power of suppliers; bargaining power of buyers; threats of substitutes; rivalry among existing competitors.----OT

Internal: physical resources; competences; generic strategy----SW




Cadbury mainly depend on Ghana for supply. Ghana is known for having the best quality bean which will make sure the ingredient of Cadbury chocolate is reliable. However, Cadbury’s relying on Ghana results in a strong binding and effect from this market. If Ghana has smaller output, this will strongly affect Cadbury financially.

As an international brand, different countries’ political decisions can affect Cadbury in either good or bad way. For example, Weights and Measures Act makes it compulsory for the product to have on the labelling of the package a roundabout weight of the final product, which is an international law all businesses have to adhere to.

Cadbury’s vision is to become world’s biggest and best confectionery company. The core value of the company includes performance, quality, respect, integrity and responsibility. The strategy of Cadbury Diary Milk is to sell the chocolate at every corner shop, including supermarket, baker stores and petrol pumps.

As for Cadbury’s competences, it has large existing scale of buildings and machinery used in the production process. Cadbury also has extensive access to an abundant supply of parts and saw materials. It is good at time and financial management. To improve company’s competences, Cadbury replace Air Compressors, Chilling system machine at manufacturing and packaging lines to improve productivity. Besides, Cadbury is carry out some technological changes to reduce the waste from chocolate. Cadbury also put ‘Diversity & Inclusiveness” on the website...
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