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Chocolate Consumers Feeling Guilty For The Wrong Reasons…


Table of Contents

i. Introduction
ii. Summary
iii. Objectives of research
iv. Marketing and self-concept
v. Motivational strategies
vi. Cadbury and its decisions
vii. Conclusions
viii. Recommendations
ix. references


Cadbury has been upgrading its manufacturing facility in Australia since 2001 and has become one of the most popular confectionery brands and flavours in the world. Cadbury has a total of fifty per cent market share in the confectionary market, selling 50 % of the top 20 selling chocolate singles in the world. Cadbury is a market-oriented company, therefore its success relies on satisfying the needs and wants of its consumers. It is able to do so by constantly listening to its consumers and its ability of getting adapted to the constant changes in the environment. In response to these changes, Cadbury seeks to create new products, improve on its existing core brands and browse new ways to add value to those brands.

The given case study recognizes the unethical practices used by Cadbury using palm oil instead of cocoa butter in one of their products to cut down on their expenses. This activity of Cadbury therefore left its consumers and other environmental organisations (WWF) attacked. It tried to gain back their consumers trust by their high profile announcements of using the fairtrade logo very shortly for the Dairy Milk Brand in key global markets. Due to the negative response of customers, Cadbury decided to get back to its Cocoa-Butter only formulae and apologized for non-environmental friendly decision made by them. This report illustrates that with corporate governance, ethical behaviour is an integral part of every business (referring to Cadbury in this case).It outlines the key features of the case study and majors out in the marketing/advertising aspect of Cadbury. It also outlines the relevance of self-concept to marketing and the connection between motivational strategies and consumer behaviour, with a brief conclusion on the case and separate recommendations for Cadbury. Unethical behaviour and lack of Corporate Social Responsibility may damage a firm’s reputation and make it less appealing to its stakeholders, whereas on the other hand, ethical behaviour and efficient corporate social responsibility can bring significant benefits to a business. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH

* NZ confectionery market including seasonal products: $490m * NZ chocolate market including seasonal products: $315m
* NZ block chocolate market: $100m
* NZ Easter egg market: $28m
Source: Cadbury
Chocolate is believed to be a stress buster , energizing brainwaves and decreasing your stress level because it contains ingredients that cause the brain to release endorphins(chemicals that make people feel better) & serotonin(anti-depressant). This is why people hog on chocolates or other sweets when they are angry or depressed. Chocolates therefore act a relaxing notion beneficial to your health. Research shows that the use of chocolates is on the rise global production of cocoa climbing up to 2% each year, reaching approximately 3 million tonnes. An anarchistic study by psychology professor Paul Rozin discovered that chocolates are eaten because of its taste. People eat chocolates because of its taste and its flavour. The activation your body gets every time you eat a chocolate provides feeling to your taste buds makes you come back for it again and again.

Marketing & Self-Concept…
The principal marketing goal for large business organisations is to focus on the most profitable opportunities in global markets in their own product category and can take the form of quality or quantity or a mix of both. There is a simple logic behind gaining profit with value-by adapting the discernibility and volume in...
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