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e.) Marketing Strategies:

Cadbury Dairy milk is in the mature stage of the product life cycle, the reason being is that it is a well-established product since 1905. The maturity point is generally reached when about half the potential users have adopted the product. Since Cadbury Dairy Milk is Australia’s favourite chocolate, it is safe to say that there is already consumer trust and loyalty to the brand. However customers still need continued satisfaction and loyalty, built on lower cost, differentiation or customer service. Seeing that Cadbury chocolate is considered a common brand name in households all over Australia, there is nothing within the external environment that should be modified and it will remain in a strong steady position in the confectionery industry.


In order to continue generating sales, Cadbury took into consideration one of the threats that the confectionery industry is facing today. Consumers are becoming more health conscious; therefore Cadbury will support and promote physical activity by giving away mountain bikes to 100 lucky winners around Australia! The promotion will only feature in the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate block range: including the Fruit and Nut, Hazelnut etc… Featured on the wrapping will be, “WIN A MOUNTAIN BIKE” with a picture of the bike that will be won.


The pricing of Dairy Milk Chocolate will also maintain the same pricing strategies to remain competitive with its competitors Nestle and Mars.


The distribution of Cadbury Dairy Milk should be at its maximum capacity, remaining readily available in supermarkets, convenience stores, seven elevens and kiosks.


Cadbury should continue to generate promotions to remind and encourage consumers to purchase Dairy milk chocolate. In order to maintain the sales of Dairy Milk, sales promotion should be implemented to generate growth. This is done by creating advertisements on Television and in-store promotional posters to display the promotion that is running. The television and in-store promotion is to inform consumers of the promotion that is currently running.

The sales promotion will be “WIN A MOUNTAIN BIKE” This promotion is for the Cadbury Dairy Milk block chocolate range. Every consumer that purchases a block range from Cadbury’s will have the opportunity to enter the competition by text via SMS a code that is given inside the wrapper.

f.) Marketing Action Plans:

A key objective is to hold current customers and to maintain and increase the retail and brand market share to make sure that the Cadbury brand and products remain one of the top selling confectionery brands in Australia. Since Cadbury Dairy Milk is in the top five selling chocolates list, there will be no need for any tremendous change. A good way to promote

Cadbury will create a new sales promotion to “WIN A MOUNTAIN BIKE”.

Things that will need to be done:
The scheduling of the “WIN A MOUNTAIN BIKE” competition will run for 3 months between 20/August/2008 to 20/November/2008.

Product: The packaging on the outside will have to be changed for it to say “WIN A MOUNTAIN BIKE”, as well as a picture of the bike next to it on the wrapper. The terms and conditions of the competition will be inside the wrapper. This is a job for the Cadbury production crew. The other Cadbury block chocolate range such as Fruit and nut and Hazelnut…etc will also have this competition.

Price: Cadbury’s human resources department will need to find a place that will provide us with the mountain bikes. The costing of the bikes and the overall promotions will need to be considered, as Cadbury does not want to spend so much on promotions, when Cadbury Dairy Milk is not declining any time soon.

Promotion: Pictures of this new competition will need to be put in magazines such as: Women’s day, News Idea, newspapers….etc…designers will be needed to create the advertisements for this promotion.

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