Cad (Modaris) Software Using Tips

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1. What are the advantage of CAD compare to manual in Garment? Ans: By cad system we can save Fabric, Labor Cost, Time Save & get 100% accuracy.

2. By which function we normally create actual pattern?
Ans: F1 => Bezier.

3. In which function we can extract process from block pattern? Ans: F4=> seam

4. By which function we can see nested pattern?
Ans: F12 & F9

5. By which function we can copy bottom grading into chest?
Ans: F6 => Report Y

6. How we can call required
Ans : select => required size

7. How to select measurement in inch (In diamino)?
Ans: Start menu => Program => Lectra System => Lectra admin => e-manager => unit of measurement => Imperial (Metric for meter)

8. How to input correct buyer name?
Ans : File => Access Path modification => input buyer name in 1st row => Blue arrow down => Red arrow down.

9. Write how to create size table 112, 116, 120, 122, 126, 134, 135, 137, 138, 150 where 134 is basic size. Ans : Open text document in the size folder => Open it =>
112 4
120 2
122 4
126 8
*134 1
135 2
137 1
138 12
150. File => Save as => Input File Name => 112- 4-120-2-122-4-126-8-b134-1-135-2-137-1-138-12-150 => press ok.

10. After finish pattern creation, under LAYER how to see the help line only without pattern? Ans: Layers : Visualize- Construction (ok), - Base (Nil)
Work : Construction (ok), Base (Nil).

11. By which function we can correct curve measurement?
Ans: F3 => Lengthen (If modify then F3 => reshape).

12. By which function we normally create actual pattern?
Ans: F3 => Bezier (If help line, F2 => rectangle).

13. By which function we can extract pieces from block pattern? Ans: F4=>Seam

14. By which function we can see posted pattern?
Ans: F12 & F9

15. By which function we can copy bottom grading into chest? Ans: F6=>Report Y

16. After grading done how to see only one particular size?
Ans: Selection=>Select particular size=> F9 from key board

17. In Grading process of following pattern, please mention the name of grading (say bottom etc) of each point & mention its type (DDX or DDY) of grading. Ans: Name of point Grading type Grading role

1. Bottom point ddx
2. Chest point ddx
3. Arm hole point ddy
Shoulder ddx
4. Shoulder tip ddx
total shoulder
5. Neck point ddy
18. How to input fabric width 57.25 inch?
Ans: New => Width => 57.8

19. In which mode is used for gap between pattern pieces?
Ans: Mode => Plus mode.

20. Where to input ratio in marker?
Ans : Quantity => column.

21. Where we can instruct overlapping pattern pieces?
Ans: Moving tolerance.

22. How to put value if we want to placed pattern peaces within ½’’ gap? Ans: Global spacing => 16 (8 for .25 inch, 16 for .5, 32 for 1 inch)

23. How to input measurement unit in inch in diamino?
Ans: Start menu => Program => Lectra system => Lectra admin => E-Manager =>Unit of measurement In Imperial (Inch)/ Metric (Meter). 24. What is the value of global spacing for solid colour f abric? Ans: For solid colour fabric the value of global spacing is (0). 25. By which function we do biased on pattern?

Ans: Key 3 for anti clock wise biased, Key 9 for clock wise biased. 26. Where we give value or authorize for doing biased in pattern? Ans: Fine rotation => Round.

27. Where we put value for horizontal repeat 1- ½’’ and vertical repeat 1” ? Ans: Step – Horizontal – 48, Vertical- 32.

28. By which function we do overlapping or jumping of pattern ? Ans: Shift + F11+ Arrow key.

29. How to small display scale or working zone?
Ans: Both way arrow key => Click on mouse right button.

30. How to increase display scale/ working zone ?
Ans: Both way arrow key => simultaneously press both mouse button.

31. How to take a point from 10cm away of reference point?
Ans: F1 => Add point => Click on reference point => Give value on length field (10cm) =>...
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