Cactoblastis Essay

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Texas, the biggest state in the continental United States, has hundreds of ranchers, city folk, and hundreds of problems. One problem that is very controversial is the dispute about cactoblastis or rather called cactus moths. These cactus moths are invasive and will eat Prickly Pear like its candy. Some ranchers in the east support the cactoblastis because they will prevent the invasive Prickly Pear from growing in unwanted territory; however, Texas is intensely proud of the Prickly pear cactus which is the state plant. These moths should be able to live and spread through Texas so the Prickly Pear population will decrease instead of growing at a high rate.

These moths are well supported by east Texas farmers which the moths only live for 90 days and can spread over 100 miles per year. The larvae, in its adolescent stage, will feed on the protective environment of the cactus pad and leave only the epidermis to turn white, whither, and die. This type of characteristic helps kill the Prickly Pear safely instead of using chemicals. If somebody uses chemicals, the chemicals may soak into the ground killing the vegetation, ruining the soil, and ultimately poisoning our underground water; however, the result of interfering with the lifestyle of the moths will formulate Texas to be cover with a blanket of Prickly Pear. Texas already has an abundance of Prickly Pear which is taking up land that ranchers and farmers can use for their livestock and gardens. Once the cactus is cleared, prices of land will increase and the worry of cattle being injured by the needles decrease greatly. The cleared cactus will bring water from rainfall to help the growth of other vegetation instead of cactus and reduce the heavy yoke on Texas farmers and ranchers. In the exchange of lifting financial burden off, the cactus moth will upset the cycle of the ecosystem. Quil nest in prickly pear, deer and other wildlife species’ diet is prickly pear during...
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