Cache Unit 4

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Unit 4 keeping children safe
E1 - Health and safety at work act 1974
* General Food hygiene regulations 1995
* Health and safety regulations ( first aid) 1981
* The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) * Children act 2004

D1- the health and safety at work act 1974 is all about practitioners meeting different rules to make sure all the people in the setting are safe, also that there isn’t any risks of someone being this means that all practitioners including me have a responsibility for the health and safety of everyone so for example in my placement I’m at now have a risk assessment form stuck to the window that a member of staff need to check the outside area for anything that needs to be removed before the children go out to play, because if this wasn’t in place the children could go out and fall on a piece of glass or anything. General food hygiene regulations 1995 is all about the preparation of food and that all the surfaces are cleaned and set up right so for example the kitchen has to be clean at all times, so like having different coloured chopping board, like a blue one for meat, yellow one for fish, green one for vegetables to keep the foods from being contaminated with the other food, for example you don’t want to be cutting up raw meat with vegetables, or putting cooked meat on one with food for a child that isn’t allowed to eat meat that will be going against the wishes of the parents. “Generally, anyone who handles food, or whose actions affect its safety, must follow the Regulations”.( this means that everyone that will be working in the kitchen or handling food at any time will have to make sure that they follow this policy, pus when staff are cooking with the children they will have to take extra measures so that the children are also safe. to make sure that they The health and safety regulation (first aid) 1981 is all about a duty for the employers to make sure they have the right first aid in place for other workers and the children. The legislation states that there isn’t a set number of how many first aiders you need on hand within the setting that is to be decided in staff meeting. The first aiders then should always be up to date on the training. If this legislation wasn’t in place within the setting children would hurt themselves and the staff wouldn’t know the correct way to handle the situation. The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) is all about substances being stored away from the reach of children and stored correctly, and most importantly used in the right way within the early years setting for example cleaning products wanted to be stored and locked away so that children can’t get their hand on them as the products can harm the children if swallowed or poured onto themselves. Paints should be kept in the paint room or on a shelf as again they can be harmful to the children if it’s swallowed. If this legislation wasn’t in place and cleaning products were left around the setting where children could get their hands on to them it will cause the children harm and even kill them, and will have parents coming in and complaining. The children act 2004 is all about the interests of the children being paramount and that the welfare and the safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Also that practitioners should get them self’s involved in the activity’s the children do so that we can also find out their interests. If this legislation wasn’t in place within the setting children would never have fun and enjoy themselves as we won’t what sort of stuff they like as we haven’t taken the time to ask them. E2- when a child receives a bump to the head we have to first look at where it is, asked them what happened and where they hurt them self’s so that if the is an object that has caused it we can move it out of the way so that other...
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