Cache Level 3 Unit 1 Assignment

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There are many different organisations when it comes to working with children. The first one is Statutory. A Statutory organisation is an organisation that is provided by the government after it has been passed by a state of law. Statutory organisations are provided by either local authorities or central government departments. They provide for education, health care, financial support, personal social services, housing, leisure services and public health. The service is funded through central taxation either by council tax or national insurance. My example is a nursery called pooh nursery school which is set in Eastbourne.

The second type of organisation is voluntary. A voluntary service is founded or formed by individuals who want to help certain groups of people who they believe need special help. The difference between a voluntary organisation and a statutory organisation is that unlike a statutory organisation no legislation law has to be passed in order for the organisation to be set up. The voluntary organizations also help and support for some people who have health conditions. My example is a nursery called Little Chelsea nursery which is set in Eastbourne. The nursery has two locations. The first location is in saffron’s park and South Street.

The final organisation is private. A private organisation is provided by individuals and companies. The organisation usually aims to provide a service and to make a financial profit for their owners. Private organisations need to be ‘financially viable’. My example is a private school called St Andrew’s School.

At pooh’s nursery school they aim to provide a high standard for individuals and also for group care. The children in the nursery are supported in different either by role modeling or observations. The aim of the nursery is to provide activities that are appropriate to ensure that children acquire the necessary skills concepts and attitudes. At the nursery they aim to develop children’s learning skills by communication and language which involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment and also to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves and to speak and listen in different range of situations. The little Chelsea nursery in saffron’s park accepts up to 29 children per time. However Saffron Park only accepts children from the age of a month old to two years old. The south street location is where the pre-school children are based. At South Street they accept up to 48 children per time. Children who go to the south street nursery are aged 18 months-5years old. Children are moved to South Street when the nursery feels that they are ready for the next step in their learning development. The nursery offers the children a start in their outdoor learning experience by using their local community to capture their imagination. At St Andrew’s School they accept children aged two to four. For the pre-prep section they expect high standards from the children. The pre-prep section provides education in reading, writing, numbers, art, design technology, music, dance, sport and drama. The school accepts children with different abilities, all social and cultural backgrounds. The school quotes “St Andrew’s opens the doors to the wonderful prep school years of learning and discovery. Children are inspired to ‘have a go’ and strive for their potential within a happy and supportive atmosphere without losing sight of fundamental values of kindness and honesty”.


Legislation is acts of law. In the country there are 5 main pieces of legislation acts. These 5 are the children act of 1989, the children act of 2004, the child care act of 2006, the United Nations convention on the right of the child of 1989 and the human rights act of 1998. The children act of 1989 came into force in October 1909. It aims to protect children in every situation in their home, in childcare or in full time care. For the children...
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