Cache Level 3 Unit 1

Topics: Children Act 1989, Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Respect Pages: 8 (3240 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The statutory services that are funded by the government include local schools. Salisbury Primary School is an example of a statutory service in Newham. It is an infant/junior school of pupils aged 3-11 years and altogether there are 422 pupils. The aims of the school are: “to encourage children, staff and parents to share their ideas with others; staff and children have to promote high self-esteem, respect and teamwork through effective partnerships; to care for fostered children”, which makes it a happy, friendly and positive environment for everyone. The children are at school for 6 hours a day. The curriculum hours are allocated to each subject to be taught, such as 5 hours of English/Maths, 1 hour of Science in KS1 and, in KS2, 2 hours of Science and 1 hour of IT.  The private sector, for example private nurseries, is run by a group of sponsors who are investing money towards providing early education for children; The Enchanted Castle Day Nursery is privately owned by Mrs Dal. There are a total of 70 places for children and age ranges are 0-5 years old. The nursery’s days of opening are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The aims are: “to provide excellent quality early-years education and care”. They also care for children with special needs. They provide a “safe and stimulating” environment where children from various backgrounds learn and play together. The children in 3-5 room benefit from French lessons once a week and the rest of the children enjoy music and dance sessions every 2 weeks.  Early Start Crèche is situated within Shrewsbury Road Children Centre in the London borough of Newham and it is a voluntary organisation. There are approximately 25 children registered to attend and the age ranges are 0-5 years old. The crèche is bright, warm and welcoming for children, with the pupils able to move around securely, freely and independently because the staff organise the indoor activities effectively.  Their aims are: “to ensure that everyone who uses childcare services experiences the very best, to provide quality of the highest order” and the organisation is keen to hear parents’ suggestions. E2

Salisbury Primary School provides free school meals for children whose parents cannot afford to pay for meals. Children also benefit from socialising with other children because they can learn from their mistakes. The school follows the balanced curriculum by providing children with healthy snacks and drinks and caring about their dietary needs. Also, they support children with their personal hygiene by giving them soap and tissues. In this way, they will learn on a regular basis and it won’t harm their health. However, education is free for children so it helps families that have low incomes. The school also organise language classes such as English classes for parents to join and work with them as a team.  The Enchanted Castle Day Nursery opens early and provides early-years childcare and education for children up to 5 years old. This is beneficial for children and it supports parents as well because they can work long hours. The day nursery provides education grant for parents so their children who are 3-4 years old can get a free nursery place for at least 15 hours per week. This means practitioners have to ensure children are safe and assist them during breakfast, lunch and tea time. They also support children with their personal hygiene, for example getting their nappies changed and training them with toileting. The Enchanted Castle has to assist children at nap times and make sure they are being supervised.  The Shrewsbury Road Children’s Centre supports parents and children by offering affordable childcare provision, discounted books and resources, family learning programmes and adult training. They provide a free part-time early-education place for children aged three to four years old. This means children will be eligible for 570 hours of free childcare a year, over a minimum of 38 weeks, which helps...
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