Cache Level 3 in Childcare and Education

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Lev Vygotsky Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 2, 2013
1. John Bowlby – to settle the child in the key worker would speak to the parent and see if the child has any comforters e.g. a blanket or teddy. If they do the key worker would ask the parent to bring them for when the child has a nap. The parent would also be asked to stay with the child for a while until they have fully settled in a feel comfortable around the other members of staff and children 2. Pagets theory was that children are cognitive learners whereas Vygotsky saw them as social learners. I personally prefer Vygotskys theory as he saw children more of social beings rather than intellectual beings. 3. The theorist that wrote the maturational theory was Arnold Gassell, this is an important theory as is contributes at a child's development. Such as parenting styles and care giving strategies. Certain settings will still use this theory when planning activities for the children. 4. Skinner, Watson and Bandoura believed that if behaviour is rewarded it will be repeated for example when a child says ‘Da.da’ for the first time the primary carers of the child will get very excited and repeat the same sounds as the child. Doing this will encourage the child to repeat. These are behaviourists and believe that language is learnt. Whereas Chomsky believed that children have innate abilities to learn language. 5. Vygotsky discussed sociocultural theory. According to Vygotsky the people that help children’s socially development are peers and adults. He believed that their cognitive understandings where deepened and enriched when they were scaffolded by their parents, teachers and peers. 6. The term Vygotsky chose to describe how care givers support children was ‘scaffolding’ I think a child learns concepts through language as they learn morals and rights and wrongs they also learn how interacting with different people and they learn to differentiate between adult and child interaction. I think Vygotsky thought this was a key factor as it helps...
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