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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Unit 2: development from conception to age 16 years,
Task 1: P2.1 – describe two activities or experiences,
Activity 1 – children’s self-reliance and self-esteem,
Topic: Name this houseYear: 1
Date:Time: 1pm
No. Of pupils: 4Length of session: 1hr
Intended learningRecourses:
Children will be able to -Housey housey sheet
* Discuss the different types of homes,Seven sheets of A4 card * Identify the type of homes they live in,
* Discuss the positive aspect of each home, such as having neighbours close by and not having to go up stairs to bed, * The first child picks up a card and tries to match the home to their game card. * The first child to cover all their six homes is the winner.

Plan the activity. Make 24 small cards by cutting up three of the A4 sheets of card into eight, Make six copies of the ‘housey housey’ work sheet. Cut out each home and glue six assorted homes in two rows of three on the four remaining sheets of A4 cards to form a ‘housey housey’ game cards. Then mount the individual homes on the small cards.

What to do:
Help the young children to match the homes to their game cards without undermining their self-reliance and their self-esteem. The children were explained what types of homes there are, whilst playing the game I considered to allow all the children to express themselves and make their own decisions, because too much guidance may hamper their development.

P2.2 –
I thought I handled the discussions about the children’s homes in a sensitive way because then the children will feel positive about their homes. Most of the children could recognise their homes and they were able to relate to their houses, all the children took their turn whilst playing the game and they were kind to each other and they were interested in learning about other children’s houses. Whilst the children were describing their homes and where...
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