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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Dairy Task Unit 7 task 2

7.5Having a diverse society means having different cultures in the society my setting promotes diverse society by having messages around the setting in different languages so the parents can feel involved with their children’s setting. Diverse society isn’t just about different cultures its also about health, status, ability and gender. My setting promotes all this by having toys that have different colour skin and also toys that have disabilities such as a small doll who is blind with a walking stick. At the mark making table the setting has a different alphabets such as like Urdu, Chinese because there are children at the setting that are of that culture this makes the children feel involved and they would feel more confident. Another way that my placement promotes diversity is by having self registration this helps the children have a positive self image and this way they would also feel like a part of the community. The setting also has books that help display positive images of children by having books about different cultures and having them in different languages and also having books about children and elders with disabilities such as a child being in wheelchair and still doing everything a normal child would do. If the placement didn’t have any of these things then the children wouldn’t know anything about being diverse and wouldn’t know how to act in a situation where they met a child or adult with a disability or a person of a different culture.

7.6One thing that my placement uses with children really uses positive images and that is the role playing area. In the role playing area they have all different type of clothes such as Asian clothes and all other clothes of different cultures and they also have pictures showing people wearing these type of clothes so the children know how to wear them properly and they also have pictures of different food from different cultures so this helps the children know that everybody...
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