Cache Cce Level 2 Unit 1

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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D1. A nursery is a statuary provision which provides for children aged 12 weeks to 5 years, open Monday to Friday 8 till 6. A nursery will use early years foundation stage (EYFS). An infant school provides education for ages 5 to 7 in term time and also uses EYFS and the national curriculum.

D2. A parent and toddler group which is a voluntary provision usually set up by the local church group for 0 to 3 year olds. Another provision is an independent school also known as a private school which is owned by a person or company, families pay for there child to attend or they can get a scholarship to help fund there place e.g. a sports or art scholarship.

D3.One professional role that deals with children is a paediatrician. Paediatricians are doctors who deal specifically with the medical needs and conditions of babies, young children and teenagers. Within the paediatric profession there are many different specialists such as a general paediatrician who will diagnose and treat a number of conditions, as well tracking the development of their patients. Another Paediatric role is the paediatric cardiologists who mainly deal with heart disease and other heart related conditions. A paediatrician may refer their patients to other professionals depending on the nature of the individuals’ problems. For example... they may be dealing with a child who has a terminal illness such as cancer and may refer them to agencies such as Macmillan’s. Paediatricians have to complete an internship and residency in order to become a paediatrician, it is essential to complete a degree at a four year college and then to earn a medical school degree, they must then complete a further six years of training after they complete their medical degree. A paediatrician may work as part of a hospital, group practice or see patients on his or her own. Paediatricians may also open up their own private practices to see patients.

D4. Confidentiality is information kept about a person that...
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