Cabo San Viejo

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  • Published : July 2, 2009
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The characteristics for the Cabo San Viego’s customer base are they are mostly female, wealthy, and older in age. Accommodations and services could be over $600 so more wealthy people were coming and woman are more self conscience of their body image, which Cabo strives to improve. Cabo wants to prove that their resort could make someone live a better and healthier life and tried to target anyone that wanted that as a goal. The customer base is pretty healthy with a lot of return customers, but there is a lot more competition from other resorts, day spas, and even cruises. They still have a lot of untouched markets as men and young adults primarily do not come to the facility. I feel as though Cabo has strengths in their wide offerings, great trained staff, and all inclusive stays. Though they do have an inaccurate and incomplete customer database and hardly cross market between their other properties, which could help them out and get more people aware of their resort and wanting to visit. If Cabo adopts a rewards program they should acknowledge return customers and have guest recognition. I am a strong believer in that the small things really do matter. Have regular customer satisfaction programs that make guests feel that they are privileged and feel like a big deal. With the increased competition a loyalty program might look like the right thing to do. I think adopting a loyalty program may help keep Cabo competitive in some ways, but also could cause a lot of hardache. Seems like loyalty or rewards is happening with a lot of competitors and they need to keep up to keep customers and get new ones. They could have membership cards and points that can be redeemed for massages, spa treatment, etc that they can redeem when they come back. Though the problems they are facing, loyalty programs might not bring men and a younger crowd, it’s going to bring their current costumers back again. I’m not sure if a rewards program is the way to go, but I do think they...
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