Cabling Project Charter

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  • Published : July 4, 2011
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Technical College Upgrade
1. Purpose

This project will address a complete overhaul of the networking environment for the computer labs, eight classrooms, and wireless access to support up to 100 laptop users. This will include new hardware, new software, cabling, and training for current employees if needed new employees will be hired to support the upgrade. The primary reason for a complete overhaul is due to their existing infrastructure, it is outdated and there is room for improvement. Each office will be linked together through a domain that will be set up at the central office. This will provide a better functionality for the employees to use, will create a more reliable computer and filing system, and will ensure outstanding customer services through updated technology.

2. Goals and Objectives

Our goal in this project is to recognize:
The customer's needs in regards to a networking system.
To identify the current situation and how it may be improved. •Provide the best solution to the customer in regards of the hardware selection. •Reliability
Offer competitive rates
. Our objectives is simple, we take our business seriously and will provide the best quality that our company is acknowledged for .

3. Success Criteria

In undertaking this project, success can be defined in a number of ways: •We are trained and professional
Communication is our highest attribute making sure that our goals are clearly defined. •Our customers are involved in every step.
Standards of customers are always abided by.
Work is performed fairly and efficient.
We will complete the project on time and within our given budget. •We will always offer our customers satisfactory surveys to help us help you even more. Work completion date will be no later than Jun 6th, 2011

Budget is not to exceed $50,000

4. Project Context
We will be performing our duties and responsibilities on the project in accordance with our company goals. Our goal as...
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