Cable Televison vs Satellite Tv

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Cable Television vs. Satellite TV
This paper discusses the Marketing Plan of Comcast. We walk through several adventures of what Comcast company overview is. I also take a closer look in depth their summary marketing plan, target market and competitors. Comcast is the leading cable company in the industry today. They provide many services that are of the new technology age. The products and services they provide are discussed in depth, location, pricing strategy and implementation plan (4 P’s). Once completed with this paper you will agree that looking no further into the days of possible “blackout” due to in climate weather. This is because satellite television is no match for Comcast; unless it’s your only opportunity for TV and Comcast does not service your area.

With one click of a button, we can connect to anyone in almost any part of the world whenever you want to or for whatever reason you choose. To simply call anyone, order anything off the internet or even chat with someone hundreds or millions of miles away. We can see news in different parts of the world with media programming; even the telephone has come a long way from the days of the switchboard. With today’s advanced technology consumers can choose from cable television services or satellite television depending on what services they are seeking. Comcast Company Overview

“Comcast Corporation is one of the nation's leading providers of cable, entertainment and communication products and services, with 23.2 million video customers, 16.4 million high-speed Internet customers and 8.1 million Comcast Digital Voice customers. Comcast is principally involved in the development, management and operation of cable networks and in the delivery of programming content” (, 2010). “Comcast has its origin in the early 1960s with American Cable Systems, Inc., a small cable operation serving Tupelo, Mississippi” (The Gale Group, 2006). In those days, the CATV (community antenna television) serviced most homes. In order to watch television huge antenna’s were needed to pull signals out of the air for television viewing. “In 1963 Ralph J. Roberts and his brother Joe sold their interest in Pioneer Industries, a men's accessories business in Philadelphia, and were looking to invest the proceeds in a new industry. After some research, they learned that the Jerrold Electronics Company, the owner of American Cable Systems, wished to sell the CATV concern. The Roberts brothers enlisted a young CPA named Julian Brodsky, who had helped them liquidate Pioneer Industries, and Daniel Aaron, a former system director at Jerrold Electronics, to help them evaluate the opportunity. The four agreed that while the system carried only five channels and served only 1,500 customers, the investment had great potential. Ralph Roberts bought American Cable Systems and later asked Brodsky and Aaron to join him in managing the company” (The Gale Group, 2006). “Having decided that the name American Cable Systems sounded too generic for his growing company, Roberts decided in 1969 to change its name. In an effort to build a more technological identity, he took portions of the words "communication" and "broadcast," creating Comcast Corporation and reincorporating the company in Pennsylvania” (The Gale Group, 2006). Comcast Executive Summary of Marketing Plan

For nearly 50 years the Comcast Corporation has provided customers with an array of entertainment. Comcast provides broadband cable, commerce and content. They carry an array of digital services, deliver lightening speed internet, broadband phone service and develop ground-breaking programming. As Comcast looks into the future, they plan to further enhance new communications technology and provide more choices to their consumers. An example of this is their fancast line. This is where they will provide their “On Demand” video services right to your laptop; making television available on the...
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