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The Cabinet of the United Kingdom is the collective decision making body of Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom, composed of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, the most senior of the government ministers. The Cabinet is the ultimate decision-making body of the executive. But this Cabinet system did not shape in today’s form overnight. According to Sidney Low, “Cabinet is the responsible executive having the complete control of the administration of the general direction of national business, but exercising this vast power under the strict supervision of the representative Chamber to which it is accountable for all its acts and omissions.” According to Prof Mounro, “Cabinet may be briefly defined as the body of royal advisers Chosen by the Prime Minister in the name of the crown, with the approval a majority in the House of Commons.”

The initiation of the word ‘Cabinet’ Francis Bacon, a famous Chronicler, writer first mentioned the word ‘Cabinet ‘in the 17th century. He used the word to denote the committee of the Privy Council. In addition to ‘Cabinet’ another word was used during the reign of Charles Ӏ known as cabinet council. The special persons or group of people with whom king Charles Ӏ sat on the Privy Council known as ‘Cabinet Council.’ After the execution of the king Charles Ӏ, Charles ӀӀ sat on the throne and crowned through restoration in 1660. He was from the House of Stuart and during his reign, there was also something like cabinet known as ‘CABAL’ were a group of small bodies and his five selected advisors. The word ‘CABAL’ formed by picking up the initials of these five people’s name and their names were
Clifford Arlington Buckingham Ashley Louderable CABLE Charles ӀӀ had a small private room inside large room (where he met with the other advisors, members and royalist). Where he did meeting with his CABAL. This small private room gradually known as Cabinet. Normally the word ‘Cabinet’ means the small part of a room, where things can be kept and from this concept today’s ‘Cabinet’ got shaped where Prime Minister called secret meeting with a group of special people picked up from the members of the parliament the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In 19th century, a famous specialist of constitution Walter Bagehot, described the word ‘Cabinet’ as the efficient secret of the British political system in his book “The English Constitution.” The events of the gradual development of Cabinet

The things that influenced to form the cabinet and parliamentary system: From the very primitive stage, the king of a certain territory who was the all in all in his area, reigned over in an autocratic way. Most of the time their autocracy turned into brutality, whatever they did, they did to fulfill their wish which often went against the general mass. Sometimes they did for meeting the demand of their greediness, sometimes they did for their whimsical thinking, sometimes they did to perpetuate their belief in terms of religion in the name of the general people. Every time they tried to push their intention over the people. In fact, the oppressed the country people with injustice, with inhumanity by their autocratic notion. They did not keep any institution left which could give protection to the people against prince’s tyranny. Above all they crossed their limitation of the time. But people did not endure it every time. When the toleration limit crossed the line people protested. And the result of the people’s protest is the movement informing cabinet and parliamentary system. But this cabinet system did not shape in today’s form overnight. It look more than two...
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